Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lost for words.....

Well, again, THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO SUPPORT THE TROOPS AND especially my brother and I!!

Lost for words......
HELLO FREEDOM!! You know....can I take credit for you two meeting??? We were on the way to the poker game and I was hungry so went there....but it didn't stop there...I'm pretty sure I got you to come over and sit with know what? WHO CARES! I'm so happy!! You just can't understand how happy I am to have my brother back! When he was with the spawn of Satan, (I know that's not nice...but that's about as nice as I could put it without getting nasty-sorry) he was such an asshole! She rubbed off on him like you wouldn't believe. Just about anyone will tell you that while I was in Germany...I had a brother...his name was Johnny Pratt...not John. It was rough. Me and him didn't get along at all. SO, you have no idea how nice it is to have my brother away from her and back close to me again!! Thank you for being you!! And yes bro, I like her too! John and I have been close again for some time now...and it's great! It's so so nice to have my real brother back!!

Bro, I can't even explain what's going on in my head....well, maybe I could, but it wouldn't be right....your email and blog post was unbelievable!! I'm so happy for you!! I wish we could have that cigarette and beer! This is the perfect time for a night on the back porch! Wow....there's so much I want to say..... Be strong bro! Don't let the Spawn of Satan get you down anymore, there is sunshine that will last forever right in front of you! No more dark, gloomy days. If you let her get you down, then she wins. At this point, that's all she can hope for. That's all she can try to do is mess up your sunny days and try to rain all over them. BUT, you can control that. Turn her off, and turn her away. It's hard. It is hard. It's hard to let go of someone you love. It's like no matter how long down the road you're always going to have a little (hopefully itsy bitsy) part that still loves her. There's that tiny part of me that still cares about offense Rach but it's pretty tiny, but none the less I still think about her from time to time and wonder how she's doing. Ask anyone....there's always going to be a part of you that cares for her. BUT you have to remind yourself about all the rainy days...and it will help you. The part about someone moving in and taking your place in Courtney's life....HOLD THE TRAIN! That little angel knows EXACTLY who Daddy is! She knows and LOVES YOU! SHE LOVES YOU BRO! If one or ten guys move in...she'll get used to "some guy" but NO ONE and I mean NO ONE will replace Daddy! It doesn't matter if some guy becomes a normal person at home...or here or there....I see the love in her eyes and that, THAT is the love that no one can take away or replace. And that love is for you bro! I'm so jealous! I can't wait to have kids! I can't wait to have a little red headed boy or girl looking at me with those big precious eyes! And if I love my child half as much as you love Courtney, it won't matter what guy figure is around...I'll still be Daddy! And I'll be the only man that gets those looks. Just like you are the only man that she looks at with those big eyes full of love and wonder. And if you keep up the effort to have her more and continue to show her that love and who her Daddy really is....those looks of love will never fade nor will they ever stray in another direction. One day, you'll be able to tell her what happened, and you'll be able to explain to her when she's old enough to understand....and just like we thank Daddy for moving to TN, she'll thank you for serving our Country and she'll thank for everything....everything! (Side note-interruption-rolling star-big-close-loud as shit-off post-all good so far) So hang in there bro! Hang in there! Everything happens for a reason. I don't know if you see the commercials on AFN but one that sticks out in my mind is this:
"Words to think about: We're so busy thinking about the doors that have closed behind us we can't see the ones opening in front of us."
Well, bro! You're finally seeing the doors that are opening in front of you!! And I'm so happy! I love you bro! And I'm proud of you! I'm proud of what you're doing! And I'm so happy that I too will get to see Courtney more often...hopefully. Hang in there bro!

I love you bro!

Somwhere in Iraq
SGT Wormy



MOM said...

lowOk ...... I could not say it any better!! Great job Jeremy. I had to read Johns post first after starting to read you post and try to figure out what was going on.
I do not think that I have told your dad but there is always that person that you fall in love with the first time (or so you think) and you remember them for years to come. I actually think about the guy from 4th grade ... Charlie Greathouse) who was my first real "boyfriend" and then Ray Singer from middle school and then Randy Cunningham from 9th grade and I still to this day wonder about each of them ...... they hold a special place in my life and heart but as the 2 of you know ... I moved on. Memories are great ....... that is what life is all about. The memories you all have given me have given me something to smile about more than once. My best memory of girls John brought home is the girl in black ...... I mean EVERYTHING was black ... her hair, her makeup, her nail polish, her clothes, her shoes, her EVERYTHING. That was your most interesting person. Jeremy has had to many to remember but a lot of good memories including Rachael who I miss seeing.
I am definitely HAPPY to have my family back together and with it growing the way it is Jeremy you will have a "red head" soon to call your own.
You two keep a smile on your face and your happy women by your side.
love ya lot

Anonymous said...

It could not have been dai any better. Your brother is right. I can tell you from experience! It will get better with time.

Aunt Nancy