Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blah Blah BLAH

Hello all! To those that are checking out blog...THANKS!! You're about the highlight of my day!

I'm just writing because I don't have ANYTHING else to do...I'm bored...sitting alone....bored...staring at the wall. Wishing I was on my ninja riding a wheelie through town....sorry mom. OR I wish I was sitting on my back porch, smoking a cig, drinkin a beer. OR playing with Courtney..that would be nice. OR cooking dinner for folks I invited over. OR watching grass grow....sitting on the back porch, smokin a cig, drinking another beer. OR....ummm damn near anything other than sitting inside the base, trapped behind some big concrete wall with barbed wire on top. Life here can get so damn Life behind these walls can make a person stir crazy. I wish I was on a mission, or jumping out a plane, or sitting on the porch drinkin another beer....and another beer... ummmm....this sucks. We did have a couple 'calls' made the middle part of the day go by quicker than normal. I should have my pool put in tomorrow..that should be GREAT! Well, I am about done here for tonight. I'm sorry it's not that great. But welcome to Iraq. What can I say. At least it was a boring day and not another bad day. I'll be happy about that I guess. Well....till next time.

Somewhere in Iraq



Anonymous said...

You know that a beer does not make the world a better place ...... but I will/am drinking one for you. Not sure that helps but I am trying to help out a little.

MOM said...

I am glad you posted even though it was short it was something to let us know you are doing ok and still normal as normal can be over there.
I better not catch you doing a wheelie through town. You know how I feel about that.
love ya