Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Technology is AWSOME!

Hello all! Thank you for your continued support shown to my big brother and I!! WOW!! I just checked the hit counter!!! We are over 4,000!!! WOW!! THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!! Absolutely amazing! I just can't write what I'm thinking right now! WOW! Thank you!

I just have a quick note to share. Thanks to modern technology...well I think it's been around for a while, but I've just started to use it. My boss (NCOIC) introduced me to Yahoo with Voice. I pay $3 bucks a month for my own phone number and $.01 a minute for outgoing calls and I can call anyone I want, whenever I want. AND you can call me! SO, to all my friends and family, here is my phone number: 865-329-7456 SO, when you get bored, call me! Now, my computer is in my jail cell....I mean my room, so if I don't answer, just leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I get a chance. I'm excited about it!! It's another way for me to keep in touce while I'm so far away. AND it's better than any phone card I can buy...at least I think so anyway. It's proven pretty handy here the last couple days. Oh, and I am 7 hours ahead of the East Coast....basically I'm in bed by 1600 (4pm). BUT I'll be happy to listen to voicemails when I get up in the morning. I am usually up by midnight your time, so if it's a late night and you call, I may be getting ready for work and be able to talk. Well, that's about all I have for now....I'm excited about my new found technology and I'm looking forward to hearing from folks....and if you are one of the many who we don't know personally but read the blog...I'd be happy to hear from you too!

Again, thanks for all your support!!

One another note: I visited the ICW ward at the hospital yesterday. They are really really short on a few items. So if anyone has any of the follwing items and would like to send them to me, it would be a GREAT help to the hospital and more importantly the wounded Soldiers.

Mini tooth paste
Tooth brushes
Men's deoderant
Bars of soap
Dispozable razors
Mini shaving cream - I've been told they come in one use packets?? GREAT TO HAVE
Flip flops - sizes 11 and bigger
XL/XXL shorts
XL/XXL boxer shorts
XL/XXL t-shirts

Once again so you don't have to search the blog:

Strader, Jeremy
407th Medical Company
FOB Diamondback
APO, AE 09334

Well, that's about all I have for now. I miss everyone and I can't wait to get home to visit.


Somewhere in Iraq
SGT Wormy Strader



MOM said...

that is a great list and I am so happy that you posted the info about/on the phone that you can access now. I sure hope you get a bunch of calls.
Dreama said to let you know that they are praying for you and that Bill will preach his first sermon this Sunday at the Gathering. They are excited about it. to bad we will be in WV and not able to attend.

OK EVERYONE ........ GET LOOKING IN THOSE CLOSETS AND MAKE A TRIP TO THE STORE. Help out these injured soldiers by getting a few things and shipping them. The post office offers a FREE box to ship to an APO address and it even gets a discount on the price. Everything that you can get into one of those special boxes cost $10.95 to ship. It does not matter how much the box weighs and if you need help with the custom form email me at Acoke4me@aol.com and I will help you.

love you boys

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy,

I'm down at Hurlburt Field doing my pre-deployment training for the CAOC, and was thinking of you. The instructor said that the AirEvac crews sit right behind where me and my "Port Dawgs" will be sitting and then went on to say "If you see them sleeping, playing cards, smoking and joking, etc. LET THEM DO IT! Any day that they're not busy is a GOOD DAY!!! But if they start getting spun up, say your prayers because someone out there needs them..." God bless you for taking such good care of our wounded brothers and sisters. I wish you weren't necessary in that capacity, but I sure am glad you're there if needed. Stay safe! Rebeccah

Anonymous said...

well said Rebecca
thank you