Thursday, May 1, 2008


Here are a few pictures that were taken a few days ago on the roof where I work. We wanted to get a group photo and single pictures to send to our families. LTC Miller made it happen for us.

We have been having an overall good time. The lack of sleep and difficulty sleeping is starting to really catch up to some of us.

I have been talking to Jeremy after reading his posts on here. He said it's been kinda rough over there where he's at. But he's making it just fine. Yesterday morning I went to my second fallen Soldier ceremony. I talked about this before, but it is still not easy standing there and watching two trucks drive by with an American Hero in the back and the flag draped over the casket.

He has talked about sacrifice. Well, I am betting that you did not hear that were 5 Coalition casualties (casualty means injured, not dead) in the past week. Plus this is Afghanistan and no one cares about it anymore. The injuries belonged to soldiers of another country. We got the message they were all very critical not expected to make it. This is not the first time I got one of these reports. One of my main missions is to process Purple Hearts. This is not fun or joyous. Almost everyday I have to read a report, talk to the Division Surgeon, talk to the Commanding General's staff, and find out if this guys lived, and if so, if the CG is going to pin a Purple Heart on him. A lot of injuries are minor, but some are not. I hate having the General's staff run in and say "Hurry and get me a Purple Heart for this guy. The CG is on his way to pin him, he is going to Germany for treatment. He is serious and the CG needs it 10 minutes ago." Not to mention that these guys are getting Combat Action Badges, Combat Medical Badges, and Combat Infantry Badges. I have to process more of those than you can imagine. 101st officially took over 10Apr08 and since then I have help process over 1200 awards. That is less than one month.

I have to read Silver Star, Army Commendation Medals with Valor, and Bronze Star with Valor (these are just a few of the may that we process) while I am working. Let me tell you, if the news or anyone got a hold of the sworn statements detailing the incidents, there would be a lot more good movies to watch. A lot of these guys are true heroes. Some save lives, and some give their life to save another. There have been many times that I have read statements that bring tears to my eyes. I have seen the senior Officers and Enlisted that vote on these awards get teary eyed over some of these. These men and women are heroes and most do not know it or care enough to know.

I had to read one story of a young Soldier (that means he got out of basic and AIT and went straight to Afghanistan) ......I took this out because it talks a little about strategics and Jeremy said I might want to wait to post about this one. Lets just say that this guy saved a lot of lives before, during, and after almost loosing his life to save his friends.

Back to the Purple Hearts. Doing a lot of these and the action badges that I mentioned before I see a lot of classified and secret documents detailing the bombs used, methods, and such for IED attacks. I have seen pictures of vehicles that were mutilated and you would think that no one would live and the guys were able to get up, get out and kill the sons of bitches that messed up their ride.

I am not in the mood to make you think like Jeremy can. I just want you to know that there is a lot going on here that we cannot talk about, and that you don't need to know. We are both experiencing different aspects in different countries, but we are seeing the same things through different eyes. I read one of the statements and sit back and said a little prayer for the guy that went to hell and came back a hero. It is time that some of you do the same. The next time that you're riding down the road and see a verteran license plate, and National Guard plate, a military sticker in the window, honk your horn, look at them and say thank you. Hell just wave. Do something. The next time you are at the airport and see a group gathering for a soldier coming home, join them and tell them thanks. Or buy them a beer, shake their hand, just do something so that they know you are there and you care. Trust me, there is nothing like a complete stranger coming up and saying thank you!!

There are over 250,000 people in our Army alone. You know one. Call them today and say thank you. Why do you need to wait until Veterans Day. There is a veteran out there right now giving up his time, missing a birthday, missing a birth for that matter, missing his family all so you can go home and sit on the couch and be a fat lazy slob. Get up this one time and do something good!!!

Oh, and Jeremy, I miss you and the stuff is on the way. I miss you Bro and worry my brains out about you. I am headed to Kabul soon so you will get to worry about me for a day. I just wish the day would come soon. I am ready to see more of this country.

Another day I will talk about how other FOBs get attacked everyday. And how there is snow on the mountains and roads that are not drivable and soldiers have to walk these roads in the mountains to find insurgent cells.

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