Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Mom and Dad,

I love you!! I just wanted to tell you two that I cannot say enough how much I appreciate what you have done since we have left home! Personally I left SO much stuff undone it's rediculous. I apologize for that and again from the bottom of my heart thank you so much. I left my house a mess, it had to be re-financed-DAMN TINA, Jana's stuff wasn't in line, my motorcycle needed fixed, my truck is falling apart, my bills weren't in line, and it seems like there is more...... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I just cant say that enough. We couldn't ask for better parents! I know I've said this to you all in emails but Iwanted to put it on here so everyone else could see that we have the best parents in the world!!

I'm just not satisfied with the way I've expressed myself. I'm laying here trying to think of a way that I can write or re-write how much we appreciate what you all have done..... and how proud I am to have the last name "Strader". If people only knew...... if they only knew how lucky we are to have such loving and caring parents. If they only could begin to understand the pain you two have suffered having not one of us, but both of over here at the same time....and you have been so strong and supportive. You all pretty much knew that I was volunteering to come over here, and not once....not once did you ask or express that I stop raising my hand and just chill out. You supported me a 100%. Thank you!

We love you! And you all are the best! Take care of yourselves and if you don't mind give Otty a hug for me and tell him I said "I'm talking to you". I love you and miss you bunches!!

Strader Jeremy
407th Medical Company (GA)
FOB Diamondback
APO, AE 09334


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MOM said...

when I get the tears out of my PROUD eyes I need to tell you I used your check book to send you a box of HOMEMADE COOKIES and stuff. I have some batteries to send you and you will need them for what is in the box. Sorry the box was sent before I got batteries.
We are so PROUD of both of you that you can stand up and make a stand. Your life is your decision and you are learning life in a different kind of way than we thought that you would.
You both will get your turn to repay us when we become feeble and need someone to take care of us ...LOL
lot of love
of yeah ....... Kendal LeDoux says hi and should email you