Thursday, May 8, 2008

Where am I ???

Ahh the sweet smell of fresh air....a soft spring breeze hitting me in the face as I walk down the sidewalk. The sun is at the high point during the day, but its just right....just right. Not too hot, not too cool. Just right for a little ride.....I start to make my way to the garage.... I get my gear.... I'm almost ready. Opps, I forget that I have to change the laundry so I'll go take care of that first. So I'll make my way the other direction to take care of that, once again enjoying the cool Spring breeze. I'm reminded of the song "take me home country home." So picture this....I'm walking to switch the laundry.....lost in a world that I only wish I was in....then, like a train blowing the leaves off a tree that's planted too close to the tracks, a Humvee drives by as I stand on the edge of the curb and takes that thought right with it. Bringing me right back to where I really am....Iraq. Reality sets in...I am walking down the street to get my laundry from the cleaners...then I have to walk back and get my helmet so I can drive a Humvee to the shop for repairs....the only thing not distorted from the first half of this, is the nice unusually cool Spring breeze.
It's nice to forget where I am sometimes...and lately it's not been hard to do that. I've been able to mentally escape from the world I'm really in and go back to east TN....but usually brought back by sound of gunfire or something blowing up in the distance. I guess it's been really good for our guys lately....I haven't had much to do. And that's a good thing. The less I do and more my crew stays bored....the better it is in a sense. We have been keeping ourselves busy with making sure the vehicles are up to standard and learning our way around the ER from the techs that work over there. Ebay has been keeping me busy....unfortunately....unfortunately my camera and my laptop have decided to stop working. So, I'm waiting on both get here so I can do the things I enjoy with less hassle.
I miss everyone and hope that all is well and everyone is getting along ok. I've been gone about 4 months already. Can you believe it? I can't. Some one said that today and I was like "what!" Yeah, it's been that long.
Well....I've written about all that I can think about....I've had this idea for this blog for a couple days...but I'm not sure I painted the picture that I wanted to.....I guess what I hope you understood is that recently it's been great. Walking around my living area being able to totally get away from where I really am and then quickly being brought back by either the sounds of war or a combat vehicle storming by. Sometimes the silence of the situation around you can help you escape the constant wonders of what's going to happen next....what will happen next? Get to a bunker...get back to the CSH....go pick up an injured Soldier....go pick up chow....put the next movie there anything else on the news other than the damn election bullshit....I wonder if my package came in the mail today....I need to type some papers....I need to get my promotion papers in line.... where does it end.....when does it end? So I bring myself to wondering how people can overlook the new headlines about more and more Soldiers dying and how April was the deadliest month in Iraq in a long long time?? I guess I understand it a little more now. If I can forget long enough for a 30 second daydream that I really am in a war-torn, no mercy, kill all the Americans you can Country.....then I guess I can forgive you for not noticing the headline of *CNN or *WATE Channel 6.

I'll forgive you..... but only once. I said I could forgive you for not consiously noticing a headline, but to ignore is completely different.

*The use of these two names were only used for the sense of easy recognition and comprehension of my point. I do not support nor endorse these channles, so do not read past the black and white.

My eyes are heavy and I feel like I'm blabbering.

I love you all,

Somewhere in Iraq...yes, Iraq not East TN.
SGT Wormy

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