Monday, May 19, 2008

100 Days of Wind

The first days of the 100 days of winds have passed. This is not your normal breeze blowing gently in the afternoon. This is 24 hours a day of high winds. Winds high enough that they can and will make you side step, lean into it, or just let it push you along. I should know, it almost knocked me over yesterday. This is like having a severe thunderstorm in E TN without the rain and thunder and lighting. The sun is shining just as bright as ever, along with all the loose dirt and sand in the air. I have been through some pretty rough sand storms, and this is close to it. The dust is terrible.

We have made a lot of progress in the awards section. We have a new Major from the Marines in our section, and lets just say that my mom got it right when I was telling her about him. He is working us hard and trying to get a lot done in a short amount of time. It has been interesting and will continue to be that way for a while. He is changing too much too fast.

There is not really much to talk this time around. Christina is still not talking to me. No surprise there. This is normal for when I am gone. Courtney asked for another box of toys so I went and got her some and mailed it off today. I got to stand in line at that post office for over an hour just to mail a couple boxes. That was fun.

Well, I need to order some new running shoes and shower shoes. I am a little bored sitting in the B hut alone, but that means I can get some cleaning done and enjoy peace and quiet for once.

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mom said...

Courtney really loves the "prizes" that she gets ....... ALL THE TIME. We could post her address on here and everyone reading could send her a prize in the mail but I know what kaos that would cause and I would not do that even if I knew what the address is.
Sounds like the wind E TN had a couple weeks ago when it was not possible to ride a motorcycle and hold it upright and go straight down the road.
Keep those posting coming and remember that we love you.