Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do They Have a Grip???

Well hello everyone! I see that someone has been visiting our site...at least that's what the counter says at the bottom of the screen. SO THANK YOU!! Thank you for the visits!! And when you get a chance to email us and let us know what's up in East TN or where ever you may be....that would be great too!!

Well, I'd love to entertain and tell everyone that I saved 3 Soldiers lives this past week, and that for some reason they brought in an Iraqi guy blown all to crap....so we just put a bullet in his head to ease him on out instead of trying to save him and wasting our time.......that would be a neat story......BUT, BUT that didn't happen. None of that happened. And if it really did, and I told you....I'd have to kill you.

So what HAS been going on here in the Northern Inquizzitive, Radiant, AWSOME, Quietness ? (N. IRAQ) I'll tell you what's been going on....... ......................... There you have it! All that!! WOW! In case you missed it....NOTHING IS GOING ON! We have had a really really quiet week. Too quiet if you ask me. I have a thought for this blog entry and I think you will like it... but it's after 12 and i have to be up in 5 hours. I will however finish this in the morning.

SO, do they have a grip?

More to come........

Somewhere in Iraq


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MOM said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! 1452 hits!!!!!!!! someone is checking it out. Your dad said it was good hearing from you both today. I enjoy the calls as well. Tomorrow we are going to a bike run/gathering in Knoxville to honor the soldiers, POWS, Veterans and all military. Should be cool.
Love to you both