Monday, May 12, 2008

Another WONDERFUL night in Iraq!

Well, it's me again! How is everyone? I hope all is well in East TN or where ever you might be reading this! I hope everyone had a GREAT Mother's Day! Speaking of which,
Yesterday wasn't too bad. I was expecting a busy busy day because it seems like they like to hit us on our holidays....and our Sabbath Day. And because it's been relativly quiet lately. BUT it was a super nice day yesterday. The weather was incredible! I keep hearing about this horrible Iraqi weather that they have, but so far we have only had about three days over 100 degrees... at least while we have been in Iraq. Lately it's been about 80-85....NICE! I cant complain at all! But who knows I probably just jinksed us... oh well. I forgot to put something in one of my previous posts....I menitoned the Lou Au....well, right before we started eating I was standing around watching a game of horse shoes and a nice little birdie shit on my head. Well, the brim of my booney hat anyway. It was pretty funny at the time....1st time I think I've been shit on in while....and it not be someone I know anyway.
SO, any way....I was off work today and that gave me reason to stay up late last night and surf the internet and not go to bed early. So there I was lying on my bed, surfing around on Myspace and ebay......half eyes were getting heavy, and I was about to call it a night. I was gonna smoke a last cig...(yeah I'm trying to quit) but there I was half out of it, peaceful, and just about ready to get some beauty sleep.....only to be fully awaken by sirens and a loud voice "incoming, incoming....siren siren siren....incoming, incoming.....siren..." you get the point right? Well....honestly most of the time we ignore the incoming sirens because a bird flying by our "high tech" Army equipment can make it think it's a mortar....and someone quickly comes on and says "all clear" and we keep doing what we normally do....well, last night was a little bit different... the siren lasted more than 5 seconds...more than 10....more than 30...I went to my door to see if anyone else was running to the bunkers....nope. So, I went back inside my hooch....45 seconds...I went back to the door to check one more time...about 1 min...I woke my roommate up and told him maybe we should go out to the bunkers....1 min 15 quit. "All clear".....Well now, that was exciting! I wasn't sure whether or not to get into the bunker, or get in bed??? Pretty silly huh? And to add even more to my humor, I asked around today and most people didn't even hear the sirens....hard sleepers I guess. So that was my interesting night. The siren went off another time, but it was a quick 5 sec followed by the all clear.... Odd..... but just so you don't feel like I escaped death or was in harms way too much....we didn't have anything hit inside the FOB last night. Basically, no mortars.
John, don't worry about trying to make people think when they read this....there may be some kids that read it and need your simplicity. :-) Just kidding! Hey it's about time for another picture contest! I've been thinking about what I can you better put your thinking cap on..... But seriously....I just get bored and have lots of time to think about what to put on here. I don't get on here just dying to make people think about what's going on over here. I just like to try to write from a different perspective once in a while.
Well, enough from me. I miss everyone and hope all is well! Take care and I'll be home before you know it!
Somewhere in Iraq,
SGT Wormy

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MOM said...

thank you Jeremy and John. You both have such wonderful writing skills and do such a great job.
I really enjoy reading your articles. Your Aunt Cindy printed all that was posted and took them to you Grandma to read but I have not heard anything from her about what she thinks.
Anyone reading this blog site needs to comment or send a card or SOMETHING to let the boys know you are keeping up with them. Maybe the boys will post their address again or you can email me and ask for it so you can send them something.....
Stay safe boys and remember we love you and miss you!!!
Love ya