Saturday, May 3, 2008

Good things....

Ok so I said that the next time I put something on here, it would be positive. Well, here it is.

I'm alive and well. Breakfast, and dinner were pretty good today. The weather is nice! It went from 120 degrees to about 75-85....or at least that's what it feels like. My team is doing well. The showers are hot. And.....Hillary Clinton is hopefully going to loose.

Enough of that shit..... back to reality.

Just kidding....It's been a realitively quiet few days....for me at least. Today my team did see an amputation, but they handled it really well. I was off work today so I didn't respond to the call. I keep missing the bad calls if you haven't noticed.... Two nights ago we had a Lou Ou.... or however you spell it. It was nice. They had games and a whole bunch of other stuff for us to do. We had fajitas from the DFAC (Dining Facility) and they were pretty good. They had a stereo system a pinjata, and some other stuff going on.... it was nice to just kinda relax, hang out with new friends and for a minute forget where I was. Last night I bored and wanted to go play some pool, so I went over to the MWR (Morale, Welfare, Recreation) bldg and shot a few games of pool while jammin to the latest hip hop. They had a dance competition too. WOW! $500 1st prize! I tried my best, but I was outdone by so many others... :-( I mean come on....I am white and we all know white boys can't dance. Just kidding I didnt enter....are you kidding me!? I will say that I may have had a chance because the ones that did enter and try to win.....WOW they sucked. Except for 3 of them....they were pretty good. Somehow they let two females enter and they basically put on a stripper's style was hot, but it really didn't seem right. Here we are in a war zone where sex is prohibited, and girls get raped sometimes, then these two get in front of 100 horny dudes and dry hump each other.....yeah, it just didn't seem right. Don't get me wrong, it was hot.....but at the same time we were like "what?" ANY WAY......tonight was "salsa night" at the MWR. So, I went back to enjoy some salsa music and shoot some more pool. After all I have to keep my skills up on the pool game for when I get back. So Johnny you and Josh better be doing the same. That reminds me, Josh - have a blast in Ireland! Drink one for me!

So, that's about all that's been going on....I've started a new diet and workout program. I hope to look different by the time I get home. Not being able to drink all time will surely help!

I've asked my mom, Johnny, and even my brother for some things that we can't get over here. If you're wondering why it's so hard to come up with even the basic's because there are A LOT more Soldiers than there are supplies. So when the truck comes and delivers stuff to the PX most of it is gone in a day or two because people buy so much of it, they don't know when more will come in.

I also want to thank Mom, Dad, John, Johnny, Jitka, and Jana for getting all the stuff I've asked for together. I really feel like a pain in the butt because it seems like everytime I call home I need something different. But they tell me "no problem" everytime. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

I am going to put taking some pictures on my list of stuff to do. It's kinda hard to take pictures where I am because so many places are off limits and could be used against us if they get into the wrong hands, or if the wrong people see them. BUT I will start taking some soon.

One more thing then I'll get off here.....all this positive stuff and I'm gonna end it on a "scary" note. I was taking a smoke break from pool and I was looking over the flight line past the CSH and saw this white flickering thing.....then another about 7 seconds later followed by a boom. That was a naturally I started asking questions to those that saw them too. Two mortars. Small, but still mortars. They were however off post because none of the sirens went off, no one got excited, no one really seemed to care. I walked back to the TOC....our office, and asked if they felt or heard anything....nope not really. So they were off post and at least a pretty good distance away....but it was still pretty damn cool, and scary at the same time. We went up on the roof to see what we could see....5 min later....a big white flash.....but no boom. Odd. No threat to us. No sirens, no comotion, no worries. It was still pretty neat seeing the mortars go up....and come down.

Well, till next time.

Somewhere in Iraq
SGT Wormy


Anonymous said...

For Jeremy & John, It sounds like you both are doing pretty good, I'm glad to read that... As always you are both in my prayers as well as all the other soldiers.. Keep your heads hig and take care We are all very proud of both of you...
-Misty c.

jlstrader said...

Hello everyone! It's just me Jeremy! Just wanted to comment on my own page! I'm bored. Between Ebay and some other small shit, I'm gonna go broke.... love ya!